Create your  Business account

Send us a request to open business account on or

We will ask you  provide some business information for verification.

- Government issued business license

- Company address

- Company name

*** Verification can take a few business days.

What are the conditions to register as a wholesale customer?

Minimum order amount of USD 15,000.

Will the delivery be to the selected airport?

We will provide you with export services from Dubai, UAE to the preferred airport in your country of destination.

Do you provide clearance documents?

Clearance documents such as the invoice and packing list will be forwarded to you.

Suppose if you any extra documentation like COC or COO required, then it has to be informed in prior to the order.

Please Note: Customs clearance & delivery from the airport to your exact location must be arranged by your contracted broker.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment will be via bank transfer which will be mentioned on our Proforma invoice.

How is the freight calculated?

Freight will be calculated approx at the time of issuance of Proforma invoice but will be re-calculated after the items are packed and ready for shipping.